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We are here to help whenever there’s a need. And whenever we have people available. We will help either over the phone or with other options if needed.

When a pet goes missing, it is an urgent matter. Dogs, and people, are counting on us to be there. We are looking for dedicated volunteers willing to help when a dog goes missing. We understand that not everyone is available all the time. But we need people dedicated to helping get loose dogs off the dangerous streets and safe from thieves and traffic. We only ask you are available to help out one hour a week, unless otherwise stated. In any capacity you can. How you help, is up to you! Here’s some roles we need assistance with:

1. Volunteer – a field volunteer helps in any number of ways. You may drive looking for tracks or sightings. You will hand out and post flyers, create and/or post road signs, educate the public on proper ways to deal with the missing dog and who to contact. And we always try to keep the owner positive and motivated. Sometimes, a stakeout is needed and we ask those willing to help to join in this. This can include foot and driving work. These are the basic first steps in any search. Again, you help how you can and are willing to. All volunteers have the opportunity to become a Team Lead.

2. Social Media  – If more than one person, we will need a Coordinator to help lead the social media team. We are willing to break this down to one person per social media platform and for people willing to post to one or more of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This can all be done by one person daily, or several. Whether we break it down to a schedule or one platform to a person.
3. Craigslist and Facebook Post Researcher – we could use several more people to help watch CL and FB for lost, found, stolen, and for sale posts. These are watched for any new cases, matches to current missing or found or stolen dogs.
4. Lost Dog Alert Team – we are compiling a list of Vet clinics and hospitals in the five counties. Also groomers and pet stores. We are adding them, with their permission, to our lost and stolen dog alert email list. We are looking for people willing to call on these businesses to introduce us to them. We have this started but could use more help. We do not email all lost dog posts. There are certain circumstances when we will. This team gets the information to the them to be aware of the dog potentially coming through their doors.

5. Administrative Assistant – looking for someone with Office skills that has a computer and printer at home and willing to help the Executive Director, Board, and Fundraising Committee with documents, reports, research and other administrative tasks as needed. While this is for about five hours a week, it is very flexible and not on a daily or even weekly basis. This role can also be split up between more than one person.
6. Fundraising Guru – we want someone who is not afraid of investigating and learning different ways to fund raise, and keep things fresh and interesting for our supporters. We can use one person or a team on this. We have a Fundraising Committee to discuss things. But could use more on the team to make suggestions, bring up concerns about any opportunity, help reach out to those necessary to put a fundraiser in place, help schedule fundraisers, and to help get volunteers motivated to share our fundraisers.
7. Grant Writer – have you ever done this very specialized task? Then you have the very specialized skills we need! If you don’t know what this is, you aren’t right for it. It’s very technical and specialized. This very part-time role is dependent on what you’d be willing to do. It is new and any help is appreciated.

7. Treasurer – we are looking for someone with Bookkeeping and office management skills that coincide with a Treasurer. The Treasurer is an officer of the Board who maintains the books and reports to the Board during monthly meetings. Looking for someone with month and year end experience.

[Whether it’s just checking posts online, hiking in the woods, walking streets, driving streets, managing a sightings map, printing flyers, posting flyers, handing out flyers, or any other way you can help us to reunite pets and families, WE NEED YOU! We need people who WANT to help whenever they can.]

Have you ever lost a pet, even for a few minutes? Remember how that felt? How do you think the pet felt? If it was for a short stint, it may have been fun for them but it wasn’t for you. And if it was for longer, and people were yelling and chasing, definitely not so fun for them either.

Think of how an owner must feel hours, days, weeks, and even months later.

Think of how that pet is terrified out there in our big world, getting honked at, chased and yelled at, gets who-knows-what thrown at him/her, chased by other animals, and the elements they battle, … possibly injured.

We cannot stand knowing a furry family member is out there in our big scary world.

This is why we help. 


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