Here is a compiled list of resources we’ve come to know and trust, as well as sites to watch for stolen or found dogs. You never know where your pet might turn up.


These sites to watch may be hard to watch. But don’t let your guard down. And don’t give up hope. It’s just more avenues to go down to find your pet.

Shelters in SE WI:
WI Humane Society, you can select the county and species you are looking for. They are not the contracted shelter for Milwaukee County found pets. All must go to MADACC in Milwaukee County.
Found Pets – found dogs turned in
Lost pet resources – information about prevention and recovery
Safe Harbor Shelter (Kenosha County)
Found dogs
Page on strays in various Kenosha County communities, and links to laws
Lost dog reporting page
MADACC (Milwaukee County)
Lost dog information page
Page to search for your lost/found dog
HAWS (Waukesha County)
Found pets – they don’t post online anywhere. You have to call 262-542-8851
Lost pet report & reclaiming your pet

Lost dog/pet reporting sites: – a paid service, but they prove who they fax/call/post to with a report.

Craigslist sections to watch, be sure to look in different communities. Although they usually show further out areas in searches. Use different search terms someone might use to bring up their ad if it’s believed the pet is stolen. These are also the three main areas we post lost or stolen dogs on for people to watch for them. You must use completely different verbiage so you don’t have duplicates. Otherwise, Craigslist will delete them all.
General For Sale
Lost and Found – This is the national site for Lost Dogs of States. This is the partner site used by Lost Dogs of Wisconsin/Illinois and other states. Here you’ll find the search area to see who’s been lost, but also found!
Craigslist Pets section – already searched for dogs being sold for the Racine/Kenosha area. Be sure to check other municipalities too. Just click the link to get where you need to be.
Craigslist Lost and Found -also already searched for dogs in the Racine/Kenosha area. Be sure to check any other municipalities too. Just click the link to get where you need to be.
Facebook groups and pages for lost and found pets, rummage, animals/dogs/pets for sale or rehoming, pups for sale or rehoming … in your neighborhood and surrounding communities. If you have a very popular breed, branch out immediately. If stolen, they may have been driving right out of town or state. Even still, always start with your local one, join all of the groups for now. Watch all of the pages for now. You can always disconnect after you have your dog back.


There is something that each resource offers that is unique to them, whether local shelter, flyer service, tips and tricks, or trap building, and so on, and so on.

When you’re sitting at home, all the steps have been taken and you just don’t know what else to do, you might find some great inspiration from any one of these resources and/or links.

PetFinder Tips and another resource page on Petfinder
Lost and Found Dog Resources – and Tips from of Minnesota – Volunteer Lost Dog Team
PurringPal – A guide to prevention and rescue of lost pets


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