1. Report – Community Agencies

Here you’ll find the pages with lists of municipal organizations to report your pet missing.

Racine   Kenosha    Milwaukee    Walworth    Waukesha

The non-emergency county dispatch and shelters are always your immediate calls and file a report, don’t just ask if your dog has been found.

Next, call all shelters, county DPWs/Highway Depts. and Police/Sheriff Depts in neighboring communities (if you have a runner like a shepherd or husky). Call all shelters and county non-emergency dispatches within a 30 mile radius from where you dog went missing. People have taken pets to shelters that are not neccessarily the closest or in the community missing from.

We are working on getting all of these communities linked to on this page. We currently only have Racine County and some Kenosha County numbers on here. You can look up yours easily on google, if it’s further out.