4. Post Online


There are several places to post online. Work your way down the list. Aside from your own social media or neighborhood site, the second section should be reported on also, after a pet has been missing for more than a half to full day. Which services you choose in the second section will depend on the weather conditions and type of dog you have, medical conditions/medications, and any other situations that can be detrimental to finding your pet sooner than later – as well as your funds.

If you’re just now finding us and your pet has been missing a while, don’t fret here. Just start posting to get the word out. Text image poster to all of your family and friends. Share on your timeline and neighborhood sites immediately. Get that word out there so you can start getting any leads that may be out there.

Section 1:

  1. Nextdoor.com – this is a neighborhood site tailored to your neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods. You have to verify your address but are still allowed to post for your address while awaiting verification of your living there. This is an invaluable resource that more and more people are joining. It’s private. You don’t have to share your actual address on your profile, or a photo, or phone number. It’s up to you what you share. And how you receive notifications, with email or notifications on your phone. Watch for ‘found’ or ‘sighting’ posts on here as well.
  2. If it’s been more than six hours since you’ve seen your dog … be sure to file a report on, and save the image and .pdf flyers you create on, LostDogsOfWisconsin.org. Use a good picture of your pet. These flyers created will have all of your pet’s information on one page for sharing online or in person. And many people will share these! Use the image poster for sharing online and the .pdf poster for printing. Save them in a good place on your devices to share easily. HelpingLostPets.com is the organization that works with all of the Lost Dogs and Cats sites and where you can report and/or search for a lost dog or cat. But you do not need to do both! However, they also have links to all the other state Lost Dogs and Lost Cats sites, if you scroll down the homepage. These sites do not charge for their services. They are a non-profit run on donations only.
  3. Craigslist Lost & Found & Pets: Post to both the ‘Lost/Found’ and the ‘Pets’. Just upload the flyer to the post, don’t use any verbage. And you must use a unique title for each section. CL does not allow duplicate posts or titles. So, get creative. We’ve used “Help get Mac and Nina home” in one section, and “2 Shepherds Missing” for the other. Just examples. We’ve used many for that search to keep people clicking to view the ad.  You’ll also want to watch for ‘found’ in both sections. And for similar dogs for sale, if there is any posibility your dog may have been stolen. For theft, get creative. I just use colors and breed or sex for the ‘Pets’ section. And look for surrounding metro areas for any possible sale ads.
  4. Neighbors by Ring is a new service that will probably be taking off as more and more people use the Ring doorbell service. It’s gaining in popularity.
  5. PetFBI.org is now integrated fully with LostDogsofWisconsin.org. One place for both!
  6. PawBoost.com is a paid service offering the free option but taking your card info first. Use your best judgement on a service like this.
  7. Ask you vet, groomer, pet store, etc … to post to their website and social media pages. National chains will not. But local will most likely. They will at least print out and post in their physical business.
  8. FB Pages to post your flyer to right away:  1st – YOUR OWN FB TIMELINE and any other social media you are on!

Racine Uncovered

Racine County News

Racine County Eye

Any neighborhood groups or pages for your community or neighborhood. Some are called Town Halls or Information groups or pages. Do a search with your community or neighborhood name and look for groups or pages, be sure to check the state too. There are many similarly named communities and neighborhoods throughout the US.

Expand your FB groups and pages to post onto. Join and follow ones you don’t already. You need to do this.

  • Search for pages or groups that are tailored for your dog’s breed.
  • Post to your local buy/sell pages or groups, read their rules to see if you can post your flyer.

Post to other local business or organization sites and on their FB pages. Send via email for their website. Send an FB message for their FB site. Sometimes they are managed by different people. Some will print out and hang in their brick and mortar business and some will also share on their FB page. You can reach a lot more people with these simple clicks and sharing your poster with them through FB messenger.

Section 2:

Other places to post online:

NoKillNetwork.org – a site for locating no-kill shelters. Also offers a lost and found report and posts. Also creates flyers for you.

Findtoto.com – Free flyer creation but it’s an alert service that charges to send alert calls to local landline phones, online, and Google Ads. Only you can decide if it’s worth it to you, and your pet’s safety. Pricing packages are Rural Area for $$220.00, Suburban Area for $290.00, and Metro Area for $390.00.

PetAmberAlert.com – This is an alert service that costs too. They have three different packages: $29.95 for poster faxed to vets and shelters only, $39.95 for phone calls to neighbors within a certain area, and $69.95 for fax and phone alerts.

LostDoggieAlert.com – Another alert service that you can choose a free fax and emailed alert to 25 local vets, shelters, and rescue groups. They also offer packages for more exposure through a wider net of faxes, alert to neighbors, mailings, and FB ads.

Think small and think large. Think close and think about far reaching. Who else can you send the flyer to? Don’t think of who would share the flyer. Think of what businesses you can and let them decide if they will or will not. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, very pleasantly surprised, at all who will!

*** See the Resources page for a list of sites to watch for found or selling dogs.