2. Flyers – Signs in the Community


Ok, it’s been a beat since you’ve seen your dog. You are just going to get the word out to more people in the immediate area right now. To do this, and we go into this in a way to hopefully make things easiest for you, trust me on this!

  1. When you file your report with Helping Lost Pets / Lost Dogs of Wisconsin, you create a free flyer in various formats to save, print out, and share on social media.
    1. Save this default full page flyer in both .pdf and .jpg formats.
    2. Save the four to a page (2×2) in .jpg format.
    3. Save the two to a page in .jpg format.
    4. .Pdf is for printing and .jpg is for sharing. Save any others you’d like as well, with tabs for busy stores and such, in .pdf format.

Print out as many full page flyers as you have businesses around your home, or the nearest grocery, convenience, liquor stores. Tavers/bars, restaurants, gas stations. And anywhere else with good traffic. This number can range from three to fifteen or more. Think about your surrounding area only at first. You can always print more if you need to branch out further.

Also, print out 25 pages of the four to a page (2×2) flyer for handing out to your neighbors. Give these out to your search party people going out for you.

You are going to go door to door and to businesses to give your flyer to as many people as you can. Black and white is fine with a one color or black and white dog. Color is more important for different or distinct coloring and markings. And while you’re at it, file a report on LostMyDoggie.com to help get the word out quickly to local vets and shelters. Upgrade for Amber Alerts and such, if desired.

  1. Flyers to hand out to people, not hang. You use these small ones so they can take them with them, or hang on their fridge. Print them out four to a page and make sure your margins are not cutting any of the flyers out on the edges. Keep some of these on you at all times.
  2. Flyers to leave on business counters or tables: If you didn’t save the two to a page flyer, make full page flyers two to a sheet. Make these on your computer, most photo apps on the computers allow you to choose how many to a page. Just choose two. Again, watch your margins.
  3. Flyers to post in businesses should be full page. These are great in gas stations, liquor stores, taverns, restaurants, community centers, churches, vets, groomers, etc …
  4. If it’s been overnight or a day ago since your dog has gone missing … it’s time for signs. (Wisconsin Statutes prohibit all signs except official traffic signs from being placed within the right-of-way of any street or highway. Prohibited signs include but are not limited to advertising, realty, political, rummage sale and directional. Any prohibited sign found by the Division of Highways will be removed and disposed of.) Think of the busiest intersections and where you can easily get the sign secured in the ground or on a pole.
    1. No signs in the right of way of any street or highway.
    2. No signs by entrance or exit ramps, or intersections, by interstates.
    3. No signs along roads with a number assigned to them, (i.e., Hwy 20, Hwy 11, Hwy 32, Hwy 31, Hwy 142, Hwy 158, Hwy 50, etc …).
    4. Racine County municipal codes are here.
    5. Kenosha County municipal codes are here.
    6. Local codes may be more strict, call your local Town or Village Hall Clerk to find out your community’s codes and restrictions.
  5. You can learn how to make signs, posters, and more at The Retrievers of MN’s great resources page. They help you track and trap your pet, as we do. But from phone support. You do not need four counselors. It’s best if you stay local, us and Lost Dogs of Wisconsin. But please utilize resources that will aid in your search!
  6. If you do not have access to the internet, you can still make a flyer on your own! Keep it simple and just have it state LOST DOG or STILL MISSING. Color can be eye catching. It’s important to have the DO NOT CHASE OR CALL OUT TO! on the poster too. Some will not listen to the warning but it can help prevent people from scaring your dog out of a safe area and even into busy streets. We do not want people out chasing your dog trying to catch it. Dogs run faster than people! They will NOT catch your dog by chasing it. Also, put a note at the bottom of the flyer for the viewer to take a picture of it and share it.