Luna’s Journey

Thank you, everyone, for your donations!
You have made a huge difference in this little girl’s life!


We are a registered nonprofit in the state of WI and a 501c3 with the IRS (84-3789726). This makes your donation tax deductible. This is the reason we decided to host and escrow the fundraiser for Luna. You can be assured the money’s are used only for her care and your donation is tax deductible. Plus, we are held accountable, whereas an individual does not have to show any proof of care. 

A list of all donors is on THIS page.  Donate HERE!

Per IRS code: your blank check and/or bank and/or credit card statement are your proof of donation. Donations of $250 or more will receive a receipt in the mail. Unless requested for smaller amounts.

(If you wish to receive a donation receipt and pay via PayPal or Venmo, be sure to include your address or EMAIL to ensure you receive it in time for tax season.)


This extremely sad story and nightmare all began for Luna along with her family on Wednesday the 20th of January, 2021 around 5:30 p.m.

Luna and Gizmo had somehow been let out of mom and dads apartment door or the door to their apartment was accidentally left open. But we as parents know that our fur children can become miniature Harry Houdini’s! Once Luna and Gizmo had escaped the first door to the main hall of their apartment they made their way down the main hall of the building and the next door to escape was the main door to outside.. (which is apparently propped open by other individuals that live in the building). So out Luna and Gizmo went out not knowing of the potential danger and what was about to happen.

When Luna’s mother got home there was a neighbor outside with Luna and Gizmo but when she saw Luna’s mom pull up, the neighbor went inside leaving the dogs alone outside, Luna’s mom saw Gizmo and opened the car door so Gizmo could jump in. Then the neighbor came back out and ask if Luna had been retrieved as well. Luna’s mom did not understand the question at first because she did not see Luna outside herself. But once it set in she went into panic mode. Luna’s mom and family spend the next 2 hours searching with no luck. Thursday morning the 21st of January they called the Humane Society to file a lost dog report. Then joined various lost dog pet groups on Facebook. That’s when they were reached out to by a lady who had seen Luna laying in the road the night  before and told them that she had been hit by a car!

The same Wednesday night January 20, 2021 is the same time Kristin from Billy’s Posse and her team had got involved and on Thursday is when Billy’s Posse reached out to Luna’s owner. The night of January 21, 2021 they searched all day looking for her. Kristin set up WIFI cameras behind a liquor store that was adjacent to the woods where Luna’s tracks  had been spotted. Everyone continued spreading the word passing out flyers walking around all of that weekend Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and then Monday, January 25, 2021 around 10;45 a.m. Luna’s mom was walking in her door when her phone rang and the lady on the other end of the phone said, “Are you the one missing the dog?” To which she replied, “Yes!” The lady on the phone said, “My neighbor had shared a Facebook post and I think that your dog is in this wooded lot next to my house! does she wear a pink collar?” Luna’s mom said with excitement, “Yes, she does! Where do you live?” Luna’s mom retrieved the address then called Kristin from Billy’s Posse and they all met up at the address provided and came up with a game plan to retrieve Luna… The game plan was to use Gizmo, Luna’s sibling, to help get Luna out. They had Billy’s Posse volunteers on the other end of the open lot with safety fence and panels to help block her from running that way. But stayed VERY far away to keep her calm. But they never even got to get into place. Because when Luna saw Gizmo she let out a bark and started crying, so a family member went down a little closer and low and behold… Luna came to him! When Luna’s mom saw Luna’s leg and how beat up she looked she knew that Luna was not out of trouble yet! Kristin from Billy’s Posse said let’s rush her to the ER! So that is what exactly they did! 

The ER confirmed that Luna was hit by a car! In result of Luna being hit by the car she had a broken femur, severe bruising of the proximomedial right hindlimb, abrasions on rostral upper lip, abrasions on medial right tarsus. Generalized patchy alopecia, especially caudally and laterally.

This poor baby had a guardian angel looking after her in those 6 days missing in these cold temperatures with her broken leg and other injuries for her to come out of this alive! Bless her little heart! Unfortunately, due to the pandemic economy and job loss, Luna’s family is like many trying to over come this chapter in our lives. And now they desperately need funds to help pay for the expenses for Luna’s MUCH needed surgery and aftercare, they have no choice but to reach out to good people like yourself whom are reading this!

“Please any donation will help at this time and God Bless!” 

We will keep everyone posted on her surgery and outcome has she progresses, on the Facebook page created just for Luna’s Journey!

​THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!  Whether for prayers, good vibes, sharing her story, and/or donating! So many of you have donated in small and large amounts. And it all counts! YOU saved this little girl’s leg! YOU are her hero!

You can see the images of the damage sustained by the accident below donation instructions. The medical estimates and expenses are on the donation Thank You page.

Because people have different ways they like to use, we offer a couple ways to donate for ease and preference.

      1. Cash or Check donations can be made out/mailed to:
        Billy’s Posse, Inc.
        7007 Whitewater Street
        Racine, WI 53402-1277
      2. Via PayPal: or
      3. Via Venmo: @billysposse

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