Kenosha County Reporting Agencies

Kenosha County Reporting Phone Numbers

The Non-Emergency Dispatch, Safe Harbor Humane Society, and County Hwy/DPW are your first numbers to call. These departments/agencies cover the whole county. Phone numbers are mobile friendly and will call with just a click or tap of your finger. I highly suggest emailing them the flyer you generate from 

Even if you have a separate animal shelter for your community, call the shelters for other communities in your county too. People may take your pet there anyway. They are only guaranteed to be taken to the community contracted shelter if the community humane officer picks up your dog. We suggest also contacting shelters in neighboring counties as many people have taken them to their area’s shelter, not where they should be taking the dog.

Do not call your local police department directly unless otherwise stated for your municipality.

And please note that the DPW/Highway departments do not keep logs of animals they pick up without collars on. You will need to call these departments a couple times a week. Please call your alderman and the mayor for making a change in this log of picked up deceased pets they pick up, both cats and dogs. Lost animals lose their collars quickly for a variety of reasons.

  1. Kenosha County Non-Emergency Dispatch:   262-653-6600
    Eml: Form to Contact Sheriff Here
  2. Safe Harbor Humane Society:   262-694-4047
  3. County Hwy/DPW:   262-857-1870
    Eml: Form to Contact Hwy Here

City of Kenosha:

City DPW/Streets Division: 262-653-4050
DPW Eml:

Village of Bristol:

Village Hwy/DPW: 262-857-9554
Hwy/DPW Eml:

Village of Genoa City, some in Kenosha County but mostly Walworth County:

Village Hwy/DPW: 262-279-5728
Village Eml:

Village of Paddock Lake:

Village Hall: 262-843-2713
Village Hall Email Form HERE

Village of Pleasant Prairie:

Village Hwy/DPW: 262-694-1403
Animal Control via Police Dept: 262.694.7353

Village of Salem Lakes:

Village Hwy Supervisor, Mike Murdock: 262.298.5630

Village & Town of Somers:

Village Hwy/DPW: 262-859-2822
Hwy/DPW Superintendant, Jerry Smith Eml:

Village of Twin Lakes:

Village Hwy/DPW: 262-877-2599
DPW Eml:

Town of Brighton:

Village Hall: 262-877-2599
Village Hall Eml:

Town of Paris:

Town Hall: 262-859-3006
Town Hall Eml:

Town of Randall:

Town Hall: 262-877-2165
Town Hall Clerk Eml:

Town of Somers:

See Village of Somers above

Town of Wheatland:

See County above


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