Thank you for your donation!

We are a registered nonprofit in the state of WI and a 501c3 with the IRS (B095810). This makes your donation tax deductible.

(If you wish to receive a donation receipt and pay via PayPal or Venmo, be sure to include your address in the comments to ensure you receive it in time for tax season.)

Because people have different ways they like to use, we offer a couple ways to donate for ease and preference.

      1. Cash or Check donations can be made out/mailed to:
        Billy’s Posse, Inc.
        7007 Whitewater Street
        Racine, WI 53402-1277
      2. Via PayPal/Venmo/CC: or
      3. Use the button below for one time or recurring donations! You can sign up to donate a monthly amount of your choice. Whether $5 or $25, or more, it’s greatly appreciated!


  1. Your donation will be used for:

    the purchase of new or to fix current equipment, batteries, data and other monthly or annual plans for apps and wifi trail cams, volunteer equipment packs, filing fees, insurance, fuel for volunteers’ travel, supplies for the making of road signs and printing flyers for missing dogs, other administrative costs, and any other costs we incur in helping dog owners get their dogs home.