3. Search Steps

Here we go … boots to the ground time!

These are the steps you’ll take. But the details for the steps are on the pages that you’ll see words linked to, and in the menu above. This is to get you ready to do the work to get your dog back sooner than later.

1. Get prepared to search!
     a. Print out the flyers.
     b. Rally friends, family, and neighbors. Get as many as you can, as soon as possible.
Have someone the dog does not know or like at home base in case your dog returns.
Start an FB messenger chat with everyone, or a text string. Everyone needs to be in constant contact for live updates on sightings or finding your dog.
     c. Go door to door with the flyers and have some people drive around.
But YOU, the owner, should be the one trying to capture your dog. Everyone else
should be trying to get you there by getting leads. Start close to home, following
whatever leads you get. Or at the last known location and go in the direction your dog went.
     d. Full page flyers can go up in businesses, if it’s been over an hour or you have a
runner. You can print out flyers as images and print out as four 3x5s to a page for door to door or hand to hand.

2. Person at home base can do these things:
     a. Monitor the home base in case your dog returns.
     b. Print flyers as needed.
     c. Monitor the phone and chat.
     d. File lost reports to these services:
         1. Lost My Doggie – use the free listing for local vets and shelters to be notified.                        Upgrade if you can if you have a runner or newly adopted.
         2 PawMaw.com – just use the free listing. No need to upgrade.
     e. Monitor FB pages and groups:
         1. Wisconsin Humane Society Racine County Stray Hold Page
         2. Lost Dogs of Southeastern Wisconsin Area group
         3. Lost and Found Cats & Dogs of Racine WI & Local Surrounding Areas group
         4. Racine County and Surrounding Areas Lost Pets group
         5. Racine & Kenosha Pets group – they allow lost posts as well as for sale
         6. Kenosha/Racine Lost and Found group
         7. Missing/Stolen Pets in Wisconsin group
         8. Lost/Found Pets of Wisconsin group
         If you’re in or near Burlington: Lost/Found Pets of Burlington group
     f. Monitor Craigslist and post the flyers in these categories, with different
headings and only the picture, no words in description. Just use a ‘.’ in the
description. This prevents issues with duplicates:
Lost & Found

*** If it’s been several hours, or more, and your dog is loyal and would not stay out,
please go this page for details on watching closer online.

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