2. Flyers and Road Signs


Flyers are the way to get your and your dog’s information out there. They get your phone number, the dog’s photo, any important information about your dog out there and in the hands of  the public. You can use the ones downloaded from filing reports online, or create your own. Keep it simple. Not too much information!

The reason they are so important is that they get this right in the public’s hands. Your neighbors, surrounding neighborhood residents. People walking, bicycling and driving through your area become your eyes. Then they can call you immediately upon sighting your dog. Thus, getting you to the last known area your dog has been as soon as possible.

If you are working or out of town, you are always able to use our hotline number to alert out team. We will then alert our team and get out there on your behalf.

Our hotline number is:   262-833-7480

Use one of the free flyers from reporting to the sites on the prior page. OR, you can make one up. But make sure to get those reports done! They are too valuable. We can also make one up and send it to you right away, if need be.

Do not use your dog’s name if they are a newly adopted, skittish, or are a foster dog.

Here is a sample of a lost dog flyer you can quickly make up to get the information out there on the search:

Sample Lost Dog Homemade Flyer - Lost Dog                      Sample Lost Dog Homemade Flyer - Still Missing

Unless you need to make road signs … head on over to SEARCH STEPS next.


Road signs should be used when you have a runner. Or if you need to reach a bigger audience.

We can help guide you as to when these are a good tool for you to use.

They do not need to be put out right away. They cost about $6-$10 each to make. We use Rakuten coupons to get the photos printed for about half the retail at Walgreens, who seem to have the easiest editing tool and print the best. Be sure to edit the photo for cropping errors before the checkout area of the site.

Road signs are fairly simple. You don’t want to put too much information on them. Just LOST DOG, the photo, and your number. That’s it. But you want to use bright poster board and then be sure to cover it with clear 30 gal garbage bags to protect them from the elements.


Example signs:

Road Sign2                     Road Sign1


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