1. First Steps


Here are the first things you need to do:

1. Put out the dog’s crate/kennel, favorite bed and/or blanket, favorite toys, food, water, and your stinky dirty laundry (think socks, pajamas, even underwear – you can tuck it under the bed or blanket) and put it on the porch or deck. Also hang a dirty t-shirt, or other dirty laundry, on the porch railing or fence. The smellier, the better. That is a beacon for your dog.

However, if you just acquired your dog, or it’s a skittish foster with trust issues, do not use your clothing. Only things familiar and that they love that is their own (i.e., blanket, crate, toy, anything that came with your dog).

2. Report lost locally – they may already have a found or sighting report called in:
   a. Non-Emergency Dispatch (Racine: 262-886-2300 and/or Kenosha: 262-653-6600)
   b. Your local Shelter (Racine: WHS 262-554-6699 and/or Kenosha: Safe Harbor 262-694-4047) Leave a message if no answer or during closed hours!
* These links bring you to these, and other, phone numbers:
   Racine County Agency #s       Kenosha County Agency #s

3. Post online to the various lost dog reporting sites and other online resources available – these open in a new window:
a. Your own timeline on FB, make a lost post with your dog’s photo. Keep any identifying  marks or special coloration out of the photo so as to identify if someone calls you.
b. Nextdoor.com and Neighbors by Ringif you don’t have an account, create one! These are free, neighborhood specific and growing fast.
c. Post to the following lost dog reporting sites. All offer a free and some offer paid              packages. The free ones all create a flyer to use, use whichever you wish. And all post        for free on their FB page. Paying to ‘boost’ your post only works if it’s for ads. Not for a      boost on their page as activity, even just a ‘.’ in the comments will boost your post on a      page. Post to Pawboost.com, CuddlesUnited.com, Petkey.com, Lost-Dog.org, LostMyDoggie.com, and other useful lost dog reporting sites found on the web. These are the main ones.    

4. FB Racine Community/Media Pages – sometimes they share/post, and sometimes they don’t. You will need to click the three dots in your post or one of the FB posts from one of the dog reporting sites reported to online, on the top right of the ‘post’ itself and copy the link. Then share the link to these pages:
Racine Uncovered News
Racine County News
Racine County Eye
Downtown Racine
Racine Police Dept – if your dog is lost in, or close to, the city limits
Racine County Sheriff’s Dept – if your dog is lost outside of, or close to, city limits
Racine Neighborhood Watch
What’s Happening Racine?
c. FB Kenosha Community/Media Pages – sometimes they share/post, sometimes they don’t. You will need to click the three dots in the LDoW post, on the top right of the ‘post’ itself and copy the link. Then share the link to these pages:
Kenosha WI Local
Kenosha 365
What’s Happening in Kenosha?
AM 1050 WLIP
Also, send to local businesses via FB Messenger that are in your area or cover a wide area around you.
d. FB Groups – these have even more eyes for your pet and they will share. It’s best to share the LDoW post itself to the group. Use groups that are going to be helpful for where your dog is missing from, or nearby communities your dog might reach. Again, be sure  to share the original post on LDoW page to. To ‘share’ a post, hit the ‘share’ and then select the ‘share to a group’ and look up the group you’d like to share the post to.

Racine/Kenosha Groups:
Racine County News/Scanner
Racine & Kenosha Pets
Lost Dogs of Southeastern Wisconsin Area
Lost and Found Cats and Dogs of Racine Wisconsin & Local Surrounding Areas
Lost\Found Pets of Wisconsin
Kenosha/Racine County Lost and Found Pet’s
Racine County and Surrounding Areas Lost Pets
Kenosha/Racine Lost and Found

Racine County Community Groups:
The Grove Community Group
Lost/Found Pets of Burlington, WI

Kenosha County Group:
Lost Pets of Kenosha County

Wisconsin Statewide Groups:
Wisconsin Pets Lost and Found Group
Missing/Stolen Pets in Wisconsin
Lost\Found Pets of Wisconsin

5. Report to other national reporting sites – this is our resources page that has the national reporting agencies and businesses that help you create flyers and some even send out alerts. Some offer paid services too. You do not need to pay for a service, and we don’t recommend you do unless they offer a report with who is contacted.

There are more places to post online, including Milwaukee and Illinois area’s groups and pages. Search for ‘lost dogs’ or ‘lost pets’ and include your county, state, or municipality. 


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