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We are here for emotional support, search guidance and manpower for missing, lost or stolen, dogs and their owners in Racine and Kenosha Counties of Wisconsin.

We supply resources and steps here on our site and yet there are many other things that are new and tried that we may be unaware of. We are only open to trying SAFE AND LEGAL methods to retrieve a missing dog. We will reach out to the missing dog’s owner upon joining the search for their dog. But we are most certainly open to calls for help.

Please note: We are not dog catchers. We have no contracts with any municipality for any such activities. We will follow the law in any search we voluntarily become active in. We do not contract for the search of any missing or loose dog. We are not a fee service. We help because we have the love for dogs.

While the goal for Billy’s Posse, Inc. is to get every dog back home, it’s easier said than done. We want to help the owner as much as possible. There are a highs and lows associated with every search. And there are times when even our team members need to step aside. We cannot guaranty that we will be able to search for every lost dog in Racine or Kenosha Counties. But we try to be here for as many as we can.  But we hope we can encourage and guide every owner to the recapture of their dog on their own. 

As a volunteer team, we reserve the right to join or leave any lawful search for a missing or stolen dog or dog at large at any time and for any or no reason at any time.

We reserve the right to follow SAFE and LEGAL methods within our own ideaologies and techniques.

We reserve the right to seek knowledge, guidance, and experience from trainers, breeders, and other animal experts.

We do not guaranty any results, positive or negative, for any missing or loose dog. Our methods and idealogy come from experienced search teams, trainers, and breeders. Ideaologies can vary from person to person and group to group. We work as a team and follow our own. We will do our best. But we cannot guaranty that our methods or idealogies will bring your beloved dog home.

Please see our social media policy here.



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