Luna needs surgery, but thank God she’s home!

Darling Luna got out of the apartment, and then the building, on Wednesday the 20th of January, 2021. She didn’t come to momma when she got home to find her and the Gizmo outside. Gizmo jumped in the car. But Luna kept going. She’s only 2. And she immediately got hit on Hwy 31, unbeknownst to her owner. They searched for two hours for her that night. Never knowing she was right there. Someone else found her laying in the road, and stopped. And Luna, laying in the road for dead, got up and sauntered off. This hero knew not to chase her but promptly posted on Facebook what she had stumbled upon while driving. And that’s when our team, employee’s from Katie’s Canine Klubhouse, the police, and countless others ran to search for signs of this injured black and brown dog. All to no avail. No one saw a sign of her anywhere.

The next day we put up WiFi trail cams where we saw smaller tracks across Hwy 31 from her neighborhood of Indian Hills. The only thing that we got a picture of by the next morning was a coyote. We always try to alleviate this fear in owners. But we couldn’t this time. She had access to the images on her phone. But there were no small prints anymore either. Not for a couple days. But no images of her.

Fast forward to late Monday morning when the call came in that was so desperately needed. (We had flyered the whole neighborhood over the days.) And Luna was sitting in a vacant, wooded lot next door to her. So, the troops rallied for a game plan.

You know what? Why don’t you finish reading about the recapture on the fundraiser website that was put up to heal her broken femur! GO HERE!

You can donate to help cover the cost of the surgery via:

Paypal at:
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Mail a check or MO to:
Billy’s Posse, Inc.
7007 Whitewater Street
Racine, WI 53402


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