501c3 Status Update

We just wanted to keep you informed of our 501c3 filing status. We filed our 1032 just before the COVID-19 situation and Safer at Home hit us with a windstorm. With the essential jobs only going on in the government, as well as every other aspect of our daily lives, there is a delay in getting confirmations for tax exempt non-profit status. Donations cannot be guaranteed to be tax deductible without this confirmation.

Last year there was the government shut down. When they re-opened for business, and got started processing the applications, there was a small change to the application. Everyone who had filed, had to refile. This makes for an even bigger backlog of applications, and a much longer time to get a confirmation.

We don’t know if there will be any changes that would make us need to refile for exemption status. But we do know the backlog will be huge. We do not know if it will be taken care of this year even. Not when we don’t know what the future holds with the COVID-19 pandemic and the state of WI. As of today, the state of WI cases are still on the rise. We don’t know when we will peak. Or if there will be another flare-up in the near future.

We do know we appreciate your donations, tax exempt or not. And they go to good use. We use them for fuel for volunteers on searches, batteries, monthly data charges of our three wifi trail cams, OnXHunt app for property owner boundaries and ownership for in the moment search information, web hosting, business cards, replacement and new equipment for the dogs themselves – or our search volunteers. The list is extensive.

You can keep up to date on things going on with Billy’s Posse, Inc., our searches, and our filings at …. facebook.com/billysposse.

Thank you!

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