Little Theo

On Saturday we got a message asking for help. Little Theo got loose from his foster mom right after bringing him home from intake. Dogs are especially spooked right after a grueling day of transport, bathing, vaccinating, and anything else they need to do. Then he’s sent off with yet another stranger. It’s terrifying for them … but the final fear stages as they are now going to a loving home that will find him his forever home of love and comfort.

It took hours of patience. But with the quick thinking of Heather, the Executive Director, they got the last coyote trap and her husband and I, Kristin, baited it and then the wait began.

It didn’t take long and the little darling came out of the woods and while I and Katy, of Outreach Rescue, watched his eyes all in the dark going in and out of the trap we wondered … “Is it not setting off?” The trip plate was very small. When we thought he was in there, we went out. As we neared the trap, NOPE! He’s along the woods again! One look in the trap and we realized we needed to fix the trip plate. But he sure ate good! Chicken nuggest, two cheeseburgers, bacon treats, pepperoni, and I forget what else we lured him into in there and had for the prize in there. DANG IT!

Ok, to the garage we go! We found a good, sturdy piece of cardboard that covered most of the trap floor by the trip and put another couple cheeseburgers in there. And then moved it closer to the house. We went out front for about ten minutes and chatted. Then I had a feeling he was back, he knew it was a good food station! BABAM! Eyes in the trap! But wait …. is he really in this time? Is he really stuck in there? We saw him in it before but then coming back out too. So, we waited …. the longest minute of our lives … as we watched to see if he was coming out at all. Nope! He’s in there!

We raced out and WE HAD HIM! He was in there!  He’s the cutest little thing! Job well done ladies! They learned the patience it takes to get them. And the high you get when you do!

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