Federal Law against Animal Cruelty Passed!

It has finally happened! To help deter from animal cruelty crossing state lines, and fill some gaps missed  by past bills, it is now a FEDERAL crime for animal cruelty.

From LadyFreeThinker.com: ” … The law will prohibit violence against animals, including suffocation, burning, crushing, impalement and drowning among other acts that cause bodily harm. If found guilty, perpetrators of these horrific crimes could face up to a 7-year prison sentence as well as a fine.

The bipartisan bill is designed to plug holes in the current law and make it easier to prosecute incidents of animal cruelty that cross state lines or are committed in areas that come under federal control. It is an extension of a 2010 law banning videos showing animals being tortured, and adds the deliberate acts of cruelty in these videos to the list of prosecutable felony crimes.”

This is amazing news!

Click Here for the full article

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