Chewy’s story


The darling Chewy went missing when taken to a 4-H training session out at the Racine County Fairgrounds, by the owner’s Granddaughter. No one ever imagined that day would play out the way it did.
Something spooked the poor little guy. See he was there for leash training, which he needed. That was the whole reason he was there. But when he got spooked, he freaked out and backed out of his collar. And away he went! Now, he is not from Union Grove, but from over by 31 and MM. He had no idea where he was or where his family was! He was running scared!
The owners and family searched endlessly. Exhausted, and with the dark setting in, they went home.  But I don’t think anyone slept. The next day, they were out early. People working at the fairgrounds had seen him! He was around.
They filed their lost report with and word spread fast about this little guy in a foreign land. They hung flyers up and gave their number to everyone. We reached out to them but they were doing everything they could. We tried to provide emotional and inspirational support as the time went by. There were days they couldn’t be out there all day. They’d take turns going out there and looking and leaving food for him. He was seen in the swine barn frequently by workers. Everyone at the fairgrounds knew about Chewy and were very helpful.
Then, one day, they SAW him with their own eyes, by the Des Plaines River by a farm WAY down KR. About a mile or so, across from Great Lakes Raceway! Chewy was right there! The granddaughter tried to coax him to her. She took her time. She is a smart young lady. And Chewy showed interest! Then BAM, he bolted the other way. They lost him in the fields.
We finally stepped in to help get the word out more door to door around the fairgrounds and the farm. There were some sightings outside of the fairgrounds, mainly at the Shepherd’s School, but not often. And after time, that got less and less. Even at the fairgrounds. He was getting smarter out in the wild. He was usually seen early in the morning as the workers were coming in and he’d leave.
We told the family to put his crate out there and we put cat food and treats going into it with his owner’s dirty laundry. We set up trail cams after signs of him in the crate but no proof it was him. And we kept baiting.
The first night, we got him on the trail cam going into the crate! And he looked OK! YAY! Ok, time to rig the crate!
We brought out a rigged up XXL dog crate turned into a Missy Trap. We put his crate inside the trap, since he knew that was a good place already. And he kept coming. Then other nights, it was him or raccoons. But not every night captured something. Even if the bait was gone! What was going on?
FINALLY, we rigged the trap to be set off by using food on a string. Something got the food but we don’t know what, the trail cam didn’t catch it for some reason! This is frustrating! Why didn’t it work? Was the rig too tight to pull the trip? No.
Ok, Kristin and Pam had been coming out almost daily now and Kristin was leaving for vacation. They were trying to help fill in the gaps and give the owner’s a break. It’s very emotional for owners. And we get that. We are here for emotional support as well as physical. And we were driving all around the areas surrounding the fairgrounds. Stopping at house after house, farm after farm, creek after creek and river. Looking for any sign they could find of a little dog. Anything.
We decided to leave the trap with just some cat food. We hoped nothing that might have spooked him wouldn’t keep him from coming back in again. So, we were going rig it up one more time. Set trail cams up and check positions to the trap. This poor fella had been out there a month now. He needed to get captured and sent home! He needed a vet! Who knows what he’s gotten into or how he may be injured. Everyone was worried.
A day after Kristin goes up north, she gets a text with a picture of Pam and Chewy inside the trap! What the? Pam went out early, in the rain, and found him curled up inside the trap/crate, chewing on his owner’s dirty sock! She quick kicked the trip to lock him in and he just didn’t care. He was relaxed! He was going to be safe now! Pam called the owner, she came right out to get him. He was safe!
A visit to the vet for some fluids and antibiotics, a trip to the groomer for a shaving, and then rest at home. He was a little rough from the adventure but came out of it just fine. I bet he won’t run too far next time. Happy Tails little Buddy. We love ya, Chewy!
Enjoy some pics from that and the following days

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