Much more to come …

So, it’s been interesting! We’ve helped reunite several dogs over the last several weeks. Some directly, some indirectly. All are happy endings, and that’s all that matters.

We had another organizational meeting today. We meet with attorneys next month and then will file for non-profit status and become an official corporation and non-profit! This is all so exciting for us!!! YIKES and YIPPY!

We have stories to share also. We are gathering the couple we’ll share with you in the blog. And when we have them, you’ll enjoy some good reading! One was a month long search that ending with a trapping, in a different way than planned! LOL. It’s good, trust me. And one was helping recover a lost and then stolen dog! Yes, someone stole the lost dog. You won’t believe who!

So, stay tuned! We’re coming with some exciting stories and processes! And when we are finally a corporation, we’ll introduce the board and their many roles in the organization.

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Stay alert and safe. Keep the furry family members safe and secure at all times!

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