Mesquita’s Capture

Dazed and Confused … it’s scary!

We recently got a call from a friend who lives by one of our team members. A female black shepherd, young, was loose from his neighbor’s and was headed in our team member’s direction. She hopped in her car and went looking.

Doing what she always does, stopping everyone in a car or on foot and asking if they’ve seen such a dog, she finally hit the jackpot with the postal carrier! He said, “Yes! Just around the block here. I’ll show you where I last saw her, follow me!” And they went and there she was!

This poor girl was so confused. She had no clue where she was or who this person was that was calling her. Our team member kept getting out of the car and getting low to the ground and Mesquita just kept going around her looking at her like, “I have no clue who you are lady, and I”m not going to trust you!” So, the team member saw she didn’t run from the car and just kept doing this and driving ahead of her when she went around. She was gaining some trust, just a touch. Mesquita was starting to check her out more. The team member never reached out to grab her, only to offer jerky. She never took it though.

Suddenly, as traffic picked up in the area, a car came down the road and a walker was going around her. It got crowded real quick and Mesquita ran into a yard and our team member lost her. Our team member drove around the block and could not see her anywhere. She thought she lost Mesquita. Darn it all! Then, around the block again, and there she was where she was first seen by us. Mesquita started to run from her this time. And she was heading into a yard that had no fence and led to a busy street. Our team member ran into that yard ahead of her to scare her to stay in the neighborhood, away from a busy road, and into a fenced in yard. She parked the car in the driveway and opened the doors to block the way out. Seeing there was a lockable gate right there, she closed the gate and let Mesquita calm down in there. After some time and patience, Mesquita started to come up to the gate to look for a way out. We opened the gate a hair and Mesquita got excited. We only put one arm in with a looped leash. Mesquita did not want that leash! But she started taking the jerky temptingly put under her nose through the gate, and eventually through the leash! Ah ha! Got the leash on! And she didn’t like it one bit! But she calmed down right away.

We got her in the car with no problems. Except she kept trying to get out the windshield and side window. She was a muddy mess. But the car can be cleaned up. Her getting HIT by a car would not be so easy to handle. We took her to her house. She seemed confused there and indifferent. We called our friend who called us to make sure we had her at the right house. Yep, riight neighbor. No one home. Out looking for her so we called him back again and he called his neighbor. So, we wait. An old, intelligent, male English Bulldog with a sweater came out a doggy door in the front of the house. They sniffed, he sniffed our team member, and he went back in. OK ….. *eye roll. Something wasn’t sitting right.

After about fifteen minutes, Mesquita starts heading to the back where there’s chickens and pole barns. Maybe she hangs out there. WAIT …. MORE dogs! And puppies!!! There were lots of chickens and a couple Australian Cattledogs and these adorable, fluffy white puffs of fur coming at her! OMG …. PUPPY OVERLOAD! Balls of fluffy cuteness coming in! One of the Australian Cattledogs was in a pen, one loose. Then two puppy Great Pyreneesa, one only about two months old and one about eight months. Our team member was in puppy heaven!!! But the Shepherd was acting strangely for being home.

After about five minutes of playing with puppies, a man came out of one of the pole barns. Now, our team member had called out when she arrived on the property because she saw a truck in the back. No one answered or came out. But now this man was coming. After he came down and we quickly established he didn’t speak a lick of English, he went and got a leash and collar. Of which Mesquita wanted NOTHING to do with. But they got in her and he thanked her for bringing Mesquita back, the best he could.

As our team member was walking towards the front of the house, where her car was, the Cattle Dog and Pyrenees puppies were trying to herd her! They kept getting in front of her and she had one heck of a time getting to the front of the house! Then suddenly, a truck pulls in and a man comes out asking about the dog. I explained a gentleman in back had her and she was good. He then explained Mesquita had just arrived to their house the day before. She belonged to someone they know who is in the hospital and he had no one else to watch her. So, they took her in for him.

Well, that explains a LOT! Thank goodness she didn’t bolt too far and she was returned safely.

Moral of the story: just because they are muddy and are very confused, doesn’t mean they’ve been on the run for a long time and ran from people who don’t care or take good care of them. You don’t play judge and jury. You do the right thing and find out the story. That’s what’s best for us humans, and for the dogs! And it’s all about the dogs for us!

Now, enjoy a couple shots from Mesquita’s capture adventure!

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