Velma search continues …

Welcome back to the Billy’s Posse Blog. It’s been a minute. But we’ve been busy. There have been a few that went missing last month and most are captured and back home, but Velma is not yet.

Our efforts with Velma increase. We are broadening our search. But there are still always going to be areas we’ll miss. We are using neon signs for on the side of the roads. We have laminated posters that are going up here, there, and everywhere. We have paper posters in bars, liquor stores, convenient stores, grocery stores, vets. groomers, pet stores, and more. There’s an ad in the paper. We’ve gone door to door. We’ve drove who knows how many miles. So, what’s next?

We keep broadening our search. The longer a dog is out, the bigger their territory can become. We never stop where we started from. We update signs and posters there. And just move more and more outward from last and previous sites.

We will keep searching for her. Bring her home. Get her back where she belongs. We are not giving up. A month is nothing to our search team. And even in a winter in Wisconsin, she’s can make it just fine. Don’t forget that a chihuahua survived from November to February in Wisconsin, and even fattened up! We just need to find that neighborhood she’s in and get them the number to call. Then she’ll be on her way home. She’s counting on us. And we will keep going until we know something. Please pass along her post from Lost Dogs of Wisconsin’s FB page. It will be updated automatically then with any information about her being found. Click the updated flyer below to be brought to her post. ONE THING … She has a docked tail. So, if the dog you see on the road, or in the field, does have a tail … it’s not her.

And please keep her owner, Rich, in your prayers. This has been very hard on him. And her playmates. They go to the original site daily. Just hoping and praying she’ll come join the fun and go home with them.


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