Billy’s Posse, Inc. Your SE WI lost dog search and recovery volunteer organization.

TULA missing since April 23rd, 2021

Lost or stolen dog? Calm down. You are not alone. We are a group of volunteers here to help, however you need.

Follow the steps outlined above for Your Dog is Missing. And then follow the drop down menu from there.

We will help you get things posted and out on the roads, in the fields, etc.


FOUND DOG??? There are certain procedures that need to take place – by law. You can post online you found a dog and look for the owners. But you still need to report to the non-emergency dispatch and the contracted shelter for your community. The shelter may let you hold on to the dog while you search for the owner. But you must turn over the dog if you cannot hold on to him/her with the search for the owner ongoing. Same is a great thing to do if you just see a dog that you do not capture. They may have a lost report filed and the number for the owner handy. Thus, getting them out to the sighting or to come pick up their dog. And it’s over that quick.

If you’re close to a county line, or it’s a runner, contact non emergency and the contracted shelter for the neighboring county.

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We are here for you. We are only a phone call away.    


a 501c3 (non-profit) organization